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I was inspired to buy my first DSLR in 2008, when I saw some photos another photographer had taken of my youngest son playing football. Disappointed that I had to pay for the photos, I figured I would try my hand at it if I had a decent camera so I found a refurbished Nikon D40 to start with. I also decided that I would shoot memories for my son’s teammates as well – and not sell them; rather just share any that they may enjoy.

I am self-taught and most definitely not a professional, and although it seems some sport photos being sold online come from hobby photographers like me, many people ask me why I don’t sell mine.

For me, I feel it’s only right that players and parents should have free access to these images of their playing days, as I practice and learn this art.  Players and parents put in loads of time and sacrifice to their sport. I truly enjoy capturing it and sharing in the experience. (Doesn’t hurt that I absolutely love football, sports and athletics, and consider myself still an athlete at heart!) It also gives me a cheap thrill to have had many of my photos published in local papers and web articles from time to time.

I have upgraded now to a Nikon D7000 and am enjoying continuing the learning curve – shot my first night game recently and I must say, I was impressed with the camera’s ability to freeze action in low light!

I will always be in pursuit of that “amazing” shot. Haven’t got it yet, so I’ll continue shooting!

Using my Photos:

If you are a player  in any of these photos (or parent of one), feel free to save any photos for your own use. If posting them online, it would be nice if you could leave my watermark on them. (I do place it along the bottom and not pasted through the middle of the image, so as to give you a clear image. Please respect my work by not cropping the watermark off… Thanks!)

I also ask that other blogs, publications and the like that may want to use my photos please ask permission and give appropriate published photo credit to me.


Yvonne Churly

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